Smart Money - SmartMoney Magazine Auto Renewal Rip-Off

Minneapolis, Minnesota 0 comments

I have been long-time subscriber to SmartMoney using their automatic renewal service.I just received my renewal bill for $19.97 for 12 issues, but on their own website they offer 36 issue subscriptions for $24!

So their unethical business model is to rip-off existing loyal customers with inflated renewal rates (hoping they don't notice) while offering regular rate deals to everyone else.

When I called them on this, their excuse was that sometimes they have special offers for new subscribers - what a bunch of baloney, their special offer is available anytime to anyone.Smart Money auto renewal subscription service is an unethical business practice - don't subscribe to their auto renewal service.

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Richmond, Kentucky 0 comments

I received my bank statement in the mail and normally I dont check it but my money was off in my check register. I checked my bank statement and there is a entry for smart money for 28.71. I try to call the phone number listed and it doesnt work. I did not authorize this charge and I dont know how they got my debit card number.

Does anyone know who this company really is? Or any contact information?

I have to go to the bank sign an affadavit and cancel my card. I just hope my bank gives me my money back.

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